Here We Go Again!

It’s been far too long since my last post, which looks to be from December 2012, and I’m finally working on a new post.

A lot has happened since the 2013 New Year.  At the time, I was Director, Operations at Yext, but in March 2013 I joined Comcast Ventures as a Senior Associate.  In my 2+ years at CV, I’ve worked on numerous investments, held Board Observer seats and worked closely with our management teams, and worked to develop deep investment theses with my colleagues.  I was promoted to Principal earlier this year and personally, I was married to my wonderful wife Meg in June 2013.

A few months ago I decided that I needed to start blogging again.  The past two years have been a period of incredible learning for me, and I’m now feeling like I can put those learnings into coherent set of writings.  Versus my prior posts, which were more operating-focused, newer posts will be much more about market analysis – it’s what I do now.  I hope to post about overall market trends, as well as individual sectors of interest.  Specifically, my areas of interest are in enterprise software and platforms that leverage data to generate personalization, automation or insight directly to the sales or service reps who are the Company’s front-line with customers.  We’ve made several investments into marketing tech platforms that fit that mold, but I believe there will be opportunities developing in customer support, operations and logistics platforms in the coming years.  There are efficiencies to be realized, although much of the opportunity boils down to improved customer experience; but I’ll dig-in on that in future posts.

I’m hopeful to publish my first new post in the next few days, and I’m just putting the finishing touches on it.  At the least, this post should keep me honest about getting it out soon.  More to come…


04. May 2015 by Jonathan Drillings
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