About 6 months ago I left my VC Associate role at Investor Growth Capital (IGC) and joined an early-stage startup as Director, Business Development.  Soon after, I decided that I wanted to start chronicling my experiences as I made the jump from investment role to operating role.  I thought others might find it interesting as well, and so I decided to start this blog. 

I’ve loved the first several months in this new role.  Of course, I’m busy as I’ve ever been (which is why I’m just now starting this blog after joining in the summer), but I feel like I’m making a real impact.  We’re a start-up in the information services space, servicing a wide range of clients – including investors, traders, analysts, bankers, lawyers, investigative services firms, PR firms, corporations and the research and professional services groups that serve those groups.

In my role I’ve gotten to meet and speak with individuals within a number of those groups and have really learned a lot about their roles and the type of information that they seek.  I’ve also gotten to interact with a wide-range of successful professionals (including our own founders) primarily through our advisory board, develop marketing materials and manage our SEO/SEM efforts (more to come on that later).  The first few months have been extremely interesting and I hope the next several months continue to be.

04. February 2011 by Jonathan Drillings
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